5 Habits of Good Student

Grades in a university are not the priority thing, but some companies are attentively looking at the average educational score of their potential collaborators. The fact is that the best students on the course manage to confidently receive impeccable assessments and even earn extra money on specialty. We highlighted the most common habits that will aid you to get on the leaderboard.

1. Correctly Prioritize

Even if you are still defining who you want to work after graduating from college, you have various desires and purposes. Make a list and periodically return to it to maintain own motivation. It will not be superfluous to cultivate curiosity and perseverance. Any, even the most useless object may become not boring if you try to find in it something interesting for yourself. Versatile knowledge will broaden your horizons, you will be able to maintain a conversation about the rare hobby of your future client, eventually obtaining a big project for your firm.

2. Down with Procrastination

Starting a one-night exam is a bad idea. You will forget the learned in a few days, won’t get enough sleep, and will lose concentration on the final test. The key to a successful study is daily education -break the topic into subsections and learn each one completely at a time. Master the fundamentals of time management in order to correctly allocate your hours.

Changing the environment and the way you study the subject will facilitate keeping information in mind. Along with data, the brain records information about the surrounding atmosphere, change your pose more often during class.

3. Practice Self-Control and Discipline

Believe us that all successful persons clearly control themselves, their deeds, and emotions. Follow the schedule, focusing on one task at a moment. Do not be distracted by social networks or the Internet, turn off all signals in your mobile phone, and get rid of everything that disturbs you.

To stay productive, you need to keep yourself in good shape and have a large supply of energy, for this, you have to sleep 8-9 hours a day and engage in your own body. Get up early, you will have more time to study because in the evening we are more inclined to rest. Sports will give you a huge energy charge that will allow you to think faster and keep in mind new information.

4. Activate during the Lectures

Develop your own system of keeping a summary; one of the most convenient schemes is the Cornell system. It consists in initially keeping a synopsis in the format of cards for memorization. To do this, divide the sheet into 2 parts where the left margin occupies about a third of the width of the sheet, while the right one does the rest of the sheet. Keep the lecture outline on the right side, making large indents between paragraphs on different topics.

On the left side, write out all the headlines, basic ideas, and associations during the repetition of the material. Now close the right side of the abstract with a sheet of paper and test yourself, drawing on the abstracts from the left. Before the exam, ask classmates to make a summaries aggregator, i.e. collect the best of them and form a single source, in which will be the most complete material in a structured form. Thus, you not only prepare for the test but also deserve the respect of friends, sending them the created compendium.

5. Resulting Assistance

Take part in conferences, scientific work, projects, as to decide cases in championships. You will earn a portfolio, which you are able to present to the future boss. It will be appreciated above the diploma with distinction because it will show that you have not only knowledge but also practical experience. In addition, studies and conferences will help to develop useful links.

Do not forget to rejoice in your merits. Finally, the student’s years should be fun – allocate one day per week for rest only. Go to concerts, exhibitions, and movies, showing interest in everything that surrounds you. If you think that it is impossible to combine all this with serious studies, you are mistaken because there is nothing hopeless with strict adherence to the schedule.

Thus, no matter how difficult it was to learn, you should keep in mind that your possibilities are unlimited. Each of you can become a good student, get high scores on tests, and spend your years with benefit. Do not compare yourself with others, cultivating only useful habits.

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