Attractive Students Get Higher Grades, According to Study

Attractive appearance may be related to the green signal on the way to great achievements. According to numerous studies, students with pleasant appearance get higher grades and are most successful in life. People of all the times paid great attention to their appearance and, as a rule, tried to look better than they really are. To a considerable degree, it is explained by the fact that the definition of a person’s social affiliation is directly related to his/her look. Students are socially active individuals and are looking for approval from their environment, that is why they pay such a great importance to their appearance. Young people especially want to look beautiful and fashionable, and at the university, they have a huge freedom to show their individuality in the fullest measure.

Beauty has two sides of the same coin

According to the students’ experience, the answers to this question can be polar different. Some of them say that lecturers tend to overestimate pretty students. To a charming student, teachers are much more willing to give a better assessment and allow them to retake some kind of work. But if the cute student does not work properly already for a long time, does not give many efforts and uses essay writing services, then beauty will not save him from bad grades.

There are cases when beauty plays not into students’ hands. For example, a beautiful girl or boy can have a lot of envious people, and sometimes even face a biased attitude of lecturers. Pretty students can be underestimated in the evaluation. Their work can be checked with a special predilection, so they should always prepare better than others.

In some professions, beauty plays a significant role

Pleasant appearance combined with advanced working skills give attractive people a huge advantage in work, involving interaction with customers, business partners and the public in general. For example, a PR-manager with a pleasant appearance has a much better chance of earning public trust and forming a positive image of the company, a pretty seller is likely to close more deals, and an attractive journalist will be told more sentimental stories.

But there is also another side. The results of the research conducted in 2010 have shown that the men having pleasant appearance always have an advantage before their less attractive competitors. At the same time, if the woman wants to get a job which is considered like a “men’s” one — the mechanical engineer, the foreman or even the finance director — her attractiveness can play against her. In these professions, the pleasant appearance of the woman can become pernicious for her career. As for other fields of activity, as well as in a case with men, preference has been given to more attractive participants of an experiment.

Each of us has an own vision of beauty.

To some extent, this statement is absolutely true. Everyone has an own subjective opinion about beauty, what causes admiration by some people, can cause rejection by others. Perception of beauty is correlated with the level of human culture and its outlook, as well as the time in which we live. Different cultures in different historical periods had different canons of beauty. Fashion changes rapidly, so the appearance is also changeable.

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