Budget entertainment for students

If you are a student, your budget isn’t so big. That’s why it’s very important to save money on living, apartment, food, and entertainments. Let’s find out where students can get an information about new great offers and discounts on entertainment.

The first place where you can get a new information about great offers and discounts is daily deal websites, including Groupon and LivingSocial. You have a great opportunity to buy each deal for a limited amount of time. They provide users with excellent discounts up to 50 percent. You should pay your attention to expiration dates. A huge amount of deals can be used for several months, but the expiry date of others is less.

You can save your money using these deals and discounts, but this is not the single reason to use them. Also, they allow you to look at new things with interest, for instance, different products. Also, it’s very important to purchase that deals that are really useful for you. If you buy a coupon for the restaurant where you have never been and don’t know about the quality of the food offered in this restaurant, this isn’t a very profitable investment.

Pay attention to circulars and mailers

Very often students receive free circulars containing all kind of coupons. A lot of them have two-for-one meal deals half-off coupons. If you spend a few minutes looking through your email, you can find strong deals for you.

Look through event websites

If you want to visit some festival or event for free, you should visit event websites. They provide their visitors with all the necessary information about festivals and important entertaining events. Also, pay attention to local TV news and look through newspapers. They also can contain all the necessary information about interesting festivals and events.

On-Campus sporting events

If you are a student, you can visit all the sporting events for free or with discounts. Use this opportunity to cheer for your friends! Also, you have a great chance to meet new friends at these events.

Use an opportunity to visit restaurants during happy hour

You can visit different restaurants and clubs after classes and relax eating tasty food, drinking cold drinks, and chatting with your friends. Every restaurant or club offers their visitors a happy hour every day. That’s why you should track when they offer their visitors this benefit and use it. You will save your money while just relaxing with your friends.

Watching movies

If you are a student, you can visit different budget cinemas and theaters. This is a great opportunity for you to meet your friends and relax watching comedies, horrors, and thrillers. To watch off-campus films, you should take your student ID with you to have a discount.

Inexpensive concerts

There are a lot of concerts that students can’t visit for their high prices. That’s why to save your money, you should visit free concerts on campus. You have a great opportunity to visit concerts of young local singers and music bands that haven’t yet become very popular but have a great future.

In-dorm entertainment

To have a fun, you can just stay at home and invite your friends. Staying at home, you can arrange the party, play video games, cards, or chess, watch movies, eat crisps and chat all the night. Such kind of the rest can be even more interesting than coming out for parties. Staying at the dorm, you can do everything you want and in such a way that you want.

Visit a speech

Local politicians and public people discuss different social and cultural problems at universities. This is a great idea to listen to the discussion or speech of different topics. You can find out something new and interesting for you. And, you don’t have to pay money for this.

Explore your city

A lot of cities offer different walking tours, and some of them are free. Even if you have walked in your city, walking tours provide you with a great opportunity to think outside the box and get to know new things about the history of the city. TripAdvisor is a great place for looking for interesting walking tours in different cities.

Visit charity shops

Going to the charity shops, you can find something interesting from the clothes, books, DVDs, and other things for very low prices, but also bring down stress. Shopping is a great way to bring down stress and relax.

Arrange picnic parties

You have a great chance to arrange a picnic party with your friends in the city park or even outside the town. All you need is several fizzy drinks, tasty cookies, home sandwiches, and several plastic cups. The rest al fresco is the best way to relax and get a lot of positive emotions.

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