Combining Travelling and Earning: Main Ways

If you are looking for an opportunities to have a cool job and travel around the world, this article is for you.
Modern world gives a lot of opportunities to live exactly the life you want. There is no longer any need to force yourself into certain limits. Such professions as an interpreter, content manager, programmer, blogger and tutor provide an opportunity to live in full.

How to Travel and Earn Money Online

Despite the fact that with the development of transport and the Internet, it seems that our planet is getting smaller, we understand, in fact, this is just an illusion. Our Earth is huge and there are many places, where interesting events are constantly taking place. There is a well-known expression, the essence of which is that in life one should not accumulate money, but impressions. We believe that it is needed to accumulate both, so let’s find out how to combine travel and work online.

Content Management

This is the maintenance of blogs, groups in social networks, uploading photos and videos, editing. There are a lot of nuances here, but usually, they are based on common sense: understand the language of your audience and write on it, post every day, attracting the audience to communicate on your page. Always keep in mind the purpose of the project: to invite, sell, acquaint. Write interesting, use relevant pictures, choose the time for sending news when your audience is ready to read, conduct interesting events and actively invite friends.

Provide Academic Help for Students

Right at this very moment, dozens of students all over the world sit and think -who can do my assignment for me cheap online? You can become their salvation, and your help is an answer to their question. All that is needed for this is the completed education of any profile since students need help in all disciplines without exception. The crucial thing that you need to do is to earn the reputation of an intelligent and decent person in the network.

Travel Blog

This is the perfect balance between occupation and result. Making money on a travel blog is not as easy as it may seem. You need an initial investment. Many famous bloggers spend on the promotion of their site for more than a month and only after that they can expect some kind of income. And even when you have many subscribers and advertisers, blogging is a job. In addition to traveling and writing travel posts, you will have to deal with marketing, expanding the subscriber base, as well as financial and other issues.

Translation Services

Fluency in foreign languages allows the provision of translation services. Graduated specialists can find work in serious companies or a translation agency. People who do not have a linguistic education, but are fluent in languages can also work with translations of texts on a freelance or finding individual customers.

Tutoring Online

Possessing a native or foreign language means being able to give lessons – English online via Skype or by e-mail. This way of tutoring is more profitable than living classes: the client base is not limited by the city, district or even the country of residence of the tutor who can travel and live in any state.


Here special skills and education are needed but there are a lot of competent programmers who made themselves on their own. Such workers with experience are fully capable of encoding while on a trip. This is an excellent opportunity to work 4-5 hours behind the keyboard, and then you can walk in the sights or rest actively.

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