Diversify Your Resume

Instead of viewing hundreds of standard vacancies, use a different approach. Make a list of services that you like, because in the future doing assignments, you will need motivation every day. Of course, you can write an original resume, you will be hired, but if each new day you do not receive another portion of energy feedback from your work, you will quickly burn out. What could be worse than a tedious search for work? Drudgery! If you are looking for a job that you really like, you will like the process as well.

2. Develop new skills

Use your free time to acquire new skills by participating in a project that will help you in the search and the subsequent building of a career. Take the initiative, take on tasks that you have never done before, learn, develop yourself. You can create a website, learn special Excel functions or learn a foreign language. Self-development is not only stimulation of the brain, but also a chance to find work in that area which was absolutely alien earlier.

3. Track your progress

Create simple criteria that can help you to evaluate the progress. Choose the most important aspect of the activity and focus on it. For example, you can evaluate progress by the number of submitted summaries, attended meetings, vacancies found, etc. Collect information on the selected item and improve your performance. To retain motivation, reward yourself for achieving each goal.

4. Use keywords

Keywords play the role of oars for your resume that frozen in the ocean of absence of demand. Thanks to these words there is a chance to differentiate yourself from the others. Keywords are special terms, slang words, acronyms or fashionable words of a branch or professional area. It can be industry certificates, positions, etc. Such words are unique resume element in our electrified age. Keywords are used as search terms for narrowing the circle of candidates for a certain position. So, if you add some terms, there is a better chance that your piece of paper will appear on top.

5. Justify employers’ expectations

You probably would like to get a position much higher than you have now, but unfortunately, the experience is still not enough. It is better to learn in the area of interest and try later. At the next interview, be prepared to tell how your experience can be useful to the company. It will be exactly what the employer expects from you! Do not promise what you do not know how to do. If in the resume and during the interview you still have the right to create a desired assessment of your skills by yourself, then during the first working days the meeting with objectivity will be inevitable. Be honest and won’t have to be disappointed and disappoint others.

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