Essay About My Family Sample

My family consists of a bunch of one-of-a-kind people. They are joyful and successful people. But deep down they are humble and grateful.

My mother was born in a poor family from Virginia. My father is also from a poor family. Their parents were traders who worked in the tobacco fields for peanuts. As a payment for work, my parents received a small amount of money, for which it was possible to survive. But they had big dreams of a life.

After the marriage, my parents founded a business – a small restaurant in St. Petersburg, Virginia in the 1940s. They sold their restaurant ten years later. By that time, their restaurant had become a network of establishments, and they became millionaires overnight. Then my parents invested most of their money, increasing their wealth. They invested their savings in real estate, corporate finance and other types of business. For two people without education in college, they were still very smart, perceptive and had an impressive foresight. They have always been wise in decision-making.

After they passed, my mother inherited her estate, and she continued to have financial security to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. She was lucky enough to have enough money to support herself, even if she failed as a writer in Hollywood, which she did not.

I was 15 years old when we moved to Los Angeles, California. After sending her performance screenplay to various TV shows, she received an offer to write screenplays for a soap opera and a children’s show – and eventually she wrote scripts for which television episodes were shot. By this time, she had divorced her father, who at that time was the owner of a large corporation, a construction company in South Carolina. When we moved to Los Angeles, it was just the two of us. We were a team, and we learned to live together. It was hard, I was a teenager in this big, terrible, alien city. But it took her three years before she finished her screenplay. It was a love story, largely based on her story of life and love. She sold the script to Universal Studios a year later. Yes, we were already rich enough. But she wanted to succeed on her own terms. She wanted to live her own destiny, to leave her own mark in this world. And she did it.

Now I’m in college, I’ll soon to graduate school in the specialty of “Creative Writing”. I dream to follow in her footsteps: I also want my scripts to turn into films and TV shows. I also write – all the time, – and this is what I want all my life and what I want to spend the time I’m on this crazy planet. I want to be the same as my mother, who has always been something like a hero. She is happy and successful, she knows how to professionally pursue a career – and she loves the life that she created for herself. Yes, she was rich in her adult life, but it did not contribute to her search for success in the written business. And I really admire it in her. Did you have to get a little better out of a rich family? Yes, but she wrote every day, and she did it.

My family is not an ordinary American family. I understand that we had more opportunities than most families, but it does not make me better than anyone else. I just have more financial advantages than most, and I’m very grateful for that – and I’m glad that I can admit it. I owe my parents and grandparents for everything I have today. It is because of them that my own success can be a little easier than the majority.

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