Essay On Smoking Example

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Why Is Quitting Smoking Amazing?

Well, everybody knows that smoking has a negative impact on every sphere of our health. Why starting it? If you haven’t started smoking, don’t ever try because it leads to an unhealthy addiction. But if you are already a smoker, let’s talk of some benefits and reasons to quit this habit. You will have healthier lungs, heart and throat, better memory and delighted voice. Also, you save a lot of money, especially if you live in the US or EU. You will have a better nervous system and resistance to the life situations stressing you out. Some people may think that avoiding a risk of cancer by quitting smoking is a stereotype, than think about the possibility to have a children. Smoking habit will lead to the erectile dysfunction of men’s and the impossibility to have a child for woman.

Person, smoking just a pack a day can save up to thousand dollars per year. Just think about it, if you will save this money instead of spending it you can feel the difference not only on your health, but on your wallet. The amount of money you can save just on cigarettes is extremely huge. After you quit smoking, the physical activities like exercising, running or walking will seem easier for you. That might happen because of the improvement of the blood circulation within your body. The process might take some time, from two to twelve weeks, but you will feel it on your own. If you are a stressful person, you might stop smoking to improve your ability to be less stressed out under any occasion. Desl with stress easily, without any nicotine and cigarettes.

To conclude, just imagine how easier your life will be if you quit smoking now. You have to wait a month or two after you will be able to live happily without the cigarettes. But the result is worth it. So, good luck on your path and experience the freedom.

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