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Regardless of the fact that we live in the 21st century, the life of aboriginal Australians is still difficult. The life quality was improved over several decades but still, they face lots of difficulties. The new methods of dealing with health problems of ingenious people in Australia were born a year ago. Nevertheless, people of Aboriginal origin still experience social disadvantages in current times. As a result, it gave rise to bad healthcare accessibility.

We’ll discern about healthcare essentials of Australian aborigines, their main concerns and discuss methods that can help solve all those issues.

Tribal People: Who Are They?

This is a nation which includes people who are regarded to be the original inhabitants of a particular territory. These people have the same customs, speak one language and have a common religion. Otherwise stated, these are the first people who inhabited the territory of Australia. They are deemed to be the main symbol of the country and have absolutely different traditions, customs, convictions, and philosophies.

The Main Healing Ideas of Australoids

If to analyze their mode of life, we can draw a conclusion that indigenous people have two types of illnesses: mental and physical. The main reasons for all mental illnesses are anxiety, stressing, fear, burnout, etc. The majority of physical illnesses are provoked by pathogenic diseases, toxins, etc. For that reason, health is the balance between these two aspects.

Mostly, Australoids lead the ancestral mode of living. That is why they don’t pay attention to the modern development of the medical industry. More than 80% of the population believes in the customary methods of healing.

Statistically, non-indigenous Australians live more than aborigines. The statistics data were gathered in 2012 and we can conclude that the average duration of life of an aboriginal woman is 73 years, a man – 69 years. Analyzing the general length of life of modern Australian woman, we see that they live longer (women – 83 years, men – 79 years).

Health Social Determinants of Aborigines

Except for the environment where a person lives, there are some other factors that influence the state of health. They have a strong impact on the life quality of Australoids. They are as follows:

  • Education. The level of education is poor because only 48% of aborigines continued education after the age of 12.
  • Housing. The report, created in 2011, showed that the ratio of homelessness was more than that of non- aboriginal.
  • Income. Statistically, approximately 50 % of aboriginal people have the average weekly income of $360. Non- aboriginal people earn more – $580 per week.
  • Accessibility of healthcare establishments. If aboriginal people have the appropriate education level and a high level of income, they could access inpatient care establishments faster.

We see there is a groundbreaking health gap between the autochthonal and non-autochthonal Australians. Regardless of the fact, that there were made lots of improvements in the national health policy, indigenous Australians prefer avoiding treatment in modern health care centers. Some of them consider that they can manage a disease by themselves, the other part of the population lives far away from healthcare centers and can’t access them on time. There is also a category of people who can’t afford too expensive medical services.

How to Change the Situation for the Better

Today, various measures that can narrow this gap become more popular. There are many organizations, working on easing of the situation. For instance, Inala indigenous health service offers lots of research and health activities. There are also lots of conferences, aiming to improve the life of aborigines. Probably, very soon, their length of life, education level and accommodation for living will be improved and problems that exist today will sink into oblivion.

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