Few ideas for students to earn extra money

No one will refuse having on a bank account some extra cash. Especially students who can be obligated to disburse their studying, accommodation, groceries and of course, fun activities. The first coming to mind part-time jobs like a bartender, a cashier or a waitress are not the only options that are in the alternative range. Review the following occupations that will help you to get some additional earnings and develop your personality.

Online work

There are many freelance platforms available on the Internet with various one-time or periodical to-do projects. Transcribing, copywriting, Web design, software testing, help with assignments, etc. You might’ve wondered if there is somebody to write your essay in Australia. Now it can be you who will assist lost students.

Employers. Start-ups, small or rarer large enterprises, individuals.

Salary. Depending on the job, your skills and clients. Payments are usually transferred to your savings account.
Advantages. Besides money, it will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain some project accomplishment experience.
Difficulties. Finding a suitable vacancy since the freelance environment is pretty competitive and regulated only by the honesty level of involved parties.

Private tutor

If you have attainments in possession, you’re able to share why pass your wisdom gratis only to your friends? Many other people all over the world require your help. Start advertising on your campus or find a service that will offer you to its clients as an out-school teacher. You can suggest your advice in social networks. For instance, you can prepare pre-graduates for entry examinations, teach English international students personally, create video lessons or even give online lessons for a small class.

Employers. Mostly young adults or parents.
Salary. Hourly or total course cash/e-payments.
Advantages. Especially it can be useful for future teachers. But other ones will also benefit from improving their information presentation and communication skills.
Difficulties. Not a job for everyone. Additionally, you will need to gain some experience and reputation to do that regularly.


If you have a hobby like sewing, cooking or other product-ending activities that you’re good at, make money on it! Handmade is a popular trend now. Create something unique like cupcakes with a new taste, originally designed handbags or bijouterie, etc. and start looking for purchasers. Tell about the produce to your friends so they will spread the word, use particular Internet platforms to present it. You can practically build a foundation of your own brand.

Employers. You’re the boss.
Salary. Not stable profit.
Advantages. You can actually do what you like for a living.
Difficulties. For satisfactory earnings, you need to have appropriate facilities for production and invest in advertisement.

One-time jobs

Somebody needs to paint his fence, some lady needs an animator for kids’ birthday, some small undertaking needs a cleaner after the office party, college garden requires care after the graduation, and none of them can afford some service help. It’s a moment where you can step up and offer your assistance for a reasonable price. You can search for a job yourself browsing through pillar and board ads or market yourself on specific websites as a swamper.

Employers. Anyone.
Salary. By agreement. Mostly cash.
Advantages. Job diversity and new acquaintances.
Difficulties. Unstable employment with constantly changing conditions.
Finding a suitable way to earn some extra cash for daily and occasional needs will positively influent your further work perspectives. You’ll become more independent, life-experienced and self-confident. But before jumping into this money-hunt adventure ascertain that your time-management and organization skills, as well as the university curriculum, will permit you to perform that without harm to your education.

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