Home Education: Advantages and Disadvantages

Martin Luther King believed that “The function of education is to teach one to thinks intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” Everybody understands the importance of education but what is the right way of studying? Is it possible to get a respectable education when studying at home?

The advantages of schooling at home

Nowadays homeschooling becomes very popular among advanced parents. They try to provide their children with all the conditions for effective studying at home. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of such a schooling:

  1. Extra flexibility. Your child doesn’t depend on the school curriculum and schedule. For many children, it’s very hard to wake up early in the morning or keep sitting for an hour. With a home tutor, a pupil can determine his time of studying.
  2. More fun. Kids at home are free to be who they are. They don’t need to match the overall rules of public schools. Each and every kid has his own interests and skills. At the school, a teacher can’t give enough attention to each pupil and find out his skills. That is why many children have no chance to develop their individual talents.
  3. Strong family relationship. With homeschooling, a child gets to spend more time with his loving family.
  4. No homework. If you study at home, you don’t get a home task.
  5. Advanced list of subjects. It’s possible to enhance the list of subjects with interesting and useful subjects which are not included in the school curriculum. For example, logic, philosophy, critical thinking, and many more depending on your child’s preferences and needs.
  6. Less negative influences. Your kid is not secure at the public school. Studying at home, there are fewer chances of bullying and any form of violence. When a child is raised in the atmosphere of love and care, he will be a bit more open and self-confident.
  7. Equipment. There are loads of useful information and specialized equipments online. You won’t have difficulty with providing your child with all the necessary tools at home.

The reality is more difficult than people want to see it. Alongside with indispensable pros, homeschooling has the objective cons:

  1. Huge investments. A personal tutor for an ‘unschooled’ child is a luxury. The parents with the medium-sized income can’t afford this service. However, if you have enough money to invest in homeschooling, this point is not the cons for you.
  2. Socialization problems. When studying at the school, a child faces different interpersonal relationships which mold his character.
  3. No competition. A child has to motivate himself since there are no other pupils to compete with at home.
  4. Friendship. Schools are the best place to make friends. There are a lot of those who are of the same age and interests. When you are at home, you have fewer chances to meet new friends because your circle of contacts is highly restricted.
  5. Less time for the internet. When a kid has a lot of spare time, he can spend it on browsing the web instead of playing in the yard or reading a book.
  6. More responsibility for parents. They should always engage his child if they have provided schooling at home. Create opportunities for your children like sports activities, social events, meeting, etc. Homelearners should get diversified education and nurture.
  7. As you can see, it’s hard to asses with the high confidence that home learning is good or bad. It depends on many factors like:

    • the parents’ well-being;
    • a child’s potential;
    • school credibility;
    • the expected opportunities, and many more.

    Parents should always remember that their children are individuals with personal wishes. Prior to making a decision to leave a child at home, ask his opinion about your decision. Maybe he doesn’t want to part with his school friends, tutors, or even place. Maybe he loves waking up bright and early every day to meet his schoolmates. Don’t enforce your choice or try to present it as his own decision. Homeschooling gives tons of opportunities for parents and their children if it is their shared desire. Take care of your child and respect his choice! Listen to his wishes and always support him!

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