How Can You Improve Your Memory

If humankind had a computer instead of the brain, then it would be enough to insert the necessary chip to update the memory. A human noodle has a more complex structure, the question of improving retention is not quite simple. Good mind and attention depend on the health and functionality of the person. Mental activity can and should be improved at any age, especially in student years when preparing for the exam.

Memory Improvement Techniques

How many times have you forgotten names, numbers or dates? You may complain about the state of recollection, doing nothing to improve it. A lot of graduates are buying medicines that promise instant improvement in memory and brain function. Firstly, this method is expensive, and it does not always give a positive effect. Some learners get a brilliant ability to memorize by inheritance, but you are able to develop it with the certain means.

The most efficient way is to repeat the material; as practice shows, repeated repetition of any phenomena contributes to best memorization. The data is worth refreshing every 2-3 hours or day. It is necessary to try to catch a dominant idea of a lecture or seminar; simply put, include logic in order to successfully learning the information.

After reading the text, you need to write it in your own words close in meaning; each time, increase both the size of the source and its complexity. Exercise regularly that mindfulness and mental activity quickly grow to the desired level. For long memorizing, you can use the principle of association – they may characterize with well-known examples or absurdity. It is significant that the image invented contributes to the reproduction of the necessary facts.

All exercises to improve retention are aimed at creating links between objects that are needed to invoke memories. One of the methods proven by numerous generations is the partitioning of the memorized into parts. It is not for nothing that a mobile phone number can be divided into groups of ciphers since remembering them is much easier than the entire sequence. It should be considered that a person’s memory can hold no more than 5–9 fragments

It is proved that the information obtained before bedtime is well remembered. This way is frequently used by students who, instead of memorizing lectures, read them before sleeping. If you think about the problem at that moment, in the morning you will get a ready-made solution to the issue, which itself comes to you in the form of insight.

Additional Resources

Except for the mentioned exercises, you should pay attention to the next ways to train memory in everyday life. Our life is impossible without a calculator, which does not develop noetic activity. Every day, calculate in your mind some simple childish examples for multiplication, division or subtraction.

Storytellers will like the following example: take the photo you view for the first time. Carefully examine it for a minute, then remove, and recall the details of the picture. It will be great if you manage to keep in mind the small nuances; in this situation, you may apply visualization. Solve crosswords, puzzles, logic problems, and read books; these methods cannot contribute to the development of memory. But you will be surprised how quickly your intellect is activated. In addition to targeted efforts, follow simple guidelines to increase the result:

  • Do not abuse alcohol because it kills brain cells that are responsible for mental processes
  • Quit smoking as tobacco negatively affects the nervous system, slowing down the processes of memorization.
  • Take a complex of vitamins: food, which uses the majority of people, is rarely full; the mind will work efficiently if it receives the necessary nutrients.
  • Do not keep in mind everything around, focusing on things that are really worth.
  • Sleep 8 hours a day
  • Do not neglect sports – thanks to the latter, blood rushes to the noodle, activating mental operations.
  • Learn a foreign language to keep your mind in good shape
  • Chocolate in the morning energizes the brain for the whole day.
  • Enjoy the music. Scientists have proven that the classic affects the right hemisphere of the encephalon, improving concentration. Classical music should be listened to when operating the machine, before the exam since melodic works contribute to the acceleration of learning. Useful composers include Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Debussy, and Mendelssohn. Recent investigations have shown that human psychology perceives pop music as a stimulant of active memorization. A student before a test is advised to enjoy popular songs by famous artists. It will help to tune the right hemisphere of the brain to work.

Thus, science has invented an incredible number of ways to improve memory and brain activity. You are able to experiment by choosing the most appropriate option. The main issue consists of not stopping in achieving the declared purpose.

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