How Students Can Use Social Networks in Education

Today, fast and blistering developing of the IT field and the Internet provides the implementation of them to all the spheres of the life. There are a lot of tools used by the educational system.

We have found out, that the majority of schoolchildren use different websites in their everyday life, but let’s find out whether the schools use these tools to improve the system of education.

There are a lot of ways to use networks for the education, among them:

  • Creating and maintaining Wikis;
  • Providing students with pen pal programs;
  • Applying a classroom specific LMS;
  • Schoolchildren should write responses on their blogs to the educational content;
  • Schoolchildren should take part in classroom forums.

A huge number of students use all these innovations on a regular basis, that’s why schools should extend it to the classroom. For instance, networking is very useful for improving writing and reading skills.

Networks provide students with a lot of benefits that can help reach the best academic results.

The first benefit of the social networks is comfortable and fast communication between students and teachers. Every student can connect with another student or teacher when they want and ask them something. Using social networks, students can create their own communities that satisfy their same interests including movies, books, sports, nature, and other hobbies.

These websites provide schoolchildren with high-quality communication because they can connect with their classmates. Also, networks provide them with a great opportunity to collaborate in communities. Group discussions and video calls allow reaching a high level of the efficiency of team projects.

Searching for the necessary information

Networks provide schoolchildren with an abundance of the studying information containing a huge amount of references to other resources. Every student can find an answer to their question using social networking. This is a really convenient way to get all the necessary information. You have not to go to the libraries and waste your precious time on finding and learning this information. Having a laptop or mobile device, you can find an answer to your question wherever you go and any time you want. Media are a very useful tool in preparing for the lesson and doing hometask, writing essays, doing sums, etc.

Social media also provide students with a great opportunity to learn about education. This convenient and useful tool allows finding information about the education abroad, different grants and scholarships. Using these websites, students find out the requirements of the scholarships and grants. This allows students from different countries to study in the universities where they want.

Educational technologies

There are different educational technologies that have changed the educational system. These technologies stimulate students to get better results. Contemporary teachers understand that social networking is the inherent part of the everyday life of students, that’s why they try to combine social media and LMS. Students tell that using social media including Facebook and Instagram helps them to study and reach better results. Also, they admit, that communicating and discussing a problem in social media and chats is more interesting than doing the same in the customary classroom. In both cases, students have an opportunity to study discussing providing an opponent with arguments and improve their spelling.

Participation of the parents in the life of their children

Parents create profiles on the Internet to have a contact with their children and know what their children are interested in, how they spend their free time, and so on. There are a lot of benefits to this. Teachers can also create their profiles to connect with parents. This is a really convenient way of communication for all of them. And, everybody can find benefits of this for themselves. Also, sign up in social networks provide parents with an opportunity to track their children progress. Accounts allow parents to log in the LMS and get the information about their progress and success. Also, they can get to know about their underachievement in personal messages. Parents also can become members of the school communities. They can read the news and school announcements.

Writing text and reading

Also, one of the most significant benefits of the social networks is writing and reading the text without any obligations. Usually, children and teenagers don’t like writing and reading something, and parents need to force them to do this killing their wish to study. But communicating via social media stimulate them to write messages, chat within communities, read articles and do other useful actions without any compulsion.

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