How to balance study and work

Sometimes some circumstances make you work while being a student. Or you start thinking about your future in advance and realize that working experience would be helpful. Applying for a job you can gain an advantage over other applicants and it will play into the hands. No matter what reason you have, you should understand that it has its pros and cons as well. Think twice before you make a decision to study and work simultaneously. Responsibilities that you will have must be fulfilled, and you can’t just ask somebody to write your essay at a college or have your colleagues do your work.

What to search for?

  1. Free time. You have a class schedule which shows how much time you have before or after your lessons. This information is needed, and you must use it while looking for a job. Nobody wants to be torn into two pieces and always be in a hurry trying to do many things at once.
  2. A job. You should pay attention to part-time ones. Working hours must fit your schedule. It would be easier for you if it were somewhere not far from your educational institution. This way there is no need to waste your time getting around.

Consult with the administration

These days lots of colleges and universities offer their students “work-study positions”. Your supervisor will be aware that you are also a student and will take your class schedule into account. Very few usual employers are glad to hire students, but not in this situation. You can count on the support and help in an emergency.

Time management

Start writing a day planner and stick to it. It is hard to keep everything in the head and memorize all current meetings and deadlines.

Devote one day a week to schedule the tasks, and it will save your time later.

Daily routine

It is important not to lose sight of your health and well-being. Spent energy needs to be restored. Make sure your meals are healthy and contain useful substances. Your actions won’t be productive without a full night’s rest. Don’t expect that on weekends you will be able to catch up with it. It doesn’t compensate your sleepless nights during a week. This is obvious that many people neglect these easiest rules.

Likely it will be one of the hardest periods of your life, but you should always bear your goal in mind and struggle to reach it. This is the experience you might miss when it is over. You might find a vocation, work you love and useful acquaintances. Do your best and enjoy the process!

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