How to Make a Great First Impression

By any acquaintance, it is critical to make a good impression. The first impression creates usually strong associative connections in our mind and it is challenging to change it later. You have only one chance, thus use it for yourself but not the opposite.

Many people get lost when they meet a new person. There are numerous questions: what to say, how to behave, etc. In the article, we will consider several rules that will help you get in touch with a new individual and leave a good impression.

1. Be friendly and confident

When people see these qualities, they think that it is much easier to communicate with such a person, and they look more hospitable. Shaking hands, for example, is a suitable way to start communication and to show your openness. Be confident means to be yourself. During the next social interaction or in the following situation, show your intention to be sincere and engaged. If the world perceives you as you are, it will really help you achieve a positive result.

2. Smile and enjoy

Especially when you met a person for the first time. It is not necessary to demonstrate a Hollywood smile, it will be enough just to show a polite, benevolent smile. Try to do it naturally, if a smile looks like a stone, people get the impression of insincerity and falsehood. Nothing produces such a wonderful effect, like genuine liveliness and pleasure. Look for joyful moments in everything! Appreciate every situation in your life and find something positive in it. Nothing is more impressive than a person shining with joy and fun.

3. Show your interest

Show your interest to others, listen carefully to what they are saying, ask them questions. Like this, you really build a connection with them. Try to give your interlocutor an opportunity to tell something. Most people are annoyed when a person chatter continuously, not allowing the interlocutor to put a word. People appreciate unobtrusiveness, friendly disposition, sense of humor. Do not wait for the moment when your interlocutor will offer you an interesting topic to discuss – suggest it by yourself.

4. Interest an interlocutor with your personality

Use common sense when choosing a topic for conversation. It is unlikely that a man will impress a woman if he starts telling how many beers he can drink or describe the recent fight in the bar. Likewise, most men are unlikely to hark girl’s stories about what a cute puppy lives in her house, or how much she likes to buy new shoes. Remember, you are trying to attract the attention of a person. Intrigue him/her, wake a genuine interest to yourself. Here are some useful topics for a conversation: interesting facts or news, music, and cinema, hobby – if you are gamer, essay writer, artist, dancer – it is all about your personality, don’t be shy to discuss it.

5. End the conversation on an optimistic note

It is crucial not to make the conversation too long. Live the person free space for a desire to continue communication with you. Make him/her understand that you have had a good time together and that you hope to meet up again. You can even send a short message when you get home. When people make a good impression on you, it is vital for them to receive a confirmation of it. But do not be too intrusive!

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