How to Travel Inexpensive When You Are a Student

Every student wants to travel. It helps to relax after studying, see different cultures, and meet new friends. However, most of them have enough money for it, and many undergraduates consider traveling as something expensive and use to do it rarely.

There are many tips for students who want to save money when visiting other countries and cities. These tricks can help you much, especially if you don’t have a full-time job, and many students from different countries are already using them constantly.

It can help you with any trip, be it a weekend in the neighbor city or a flight to a far region. You just need to spend a more time on planning.

For Early Birds

Many people use to buy transport tickets just before their trip. This is a simple way, but most usually, it is the most expensive way. If you buy tickets a few weeks before traveling, you will get a big discount, and if you buy them several months before the trip, it will be cheaper.

This is relevant for all transport types, including planes and buses. To see how much money you can save, open the website that is selling tickets, and look at the ticket prices for the next week, month, a few months later. The price can also depend on other parameters, such as holidays. It may depend on the day of the week or public interest to this direction.

Student Organizations

There are many organizations for students, like AIESEC, and you can join them when you want. Many of them don’t only help students to have fun and help the society, but also to make their trips less expensive, and if you travel as a representative of such an organization, you can reduce costs.

However, you can’t get a discount with the help of an organization just because you want it. You need to do something useful, be a permanent member of meetings, and do everything due to the politics of this organization.

Cheap Food

It is not recommended to buy cheap buy low-quality food. It can damage your health. However, if you have a very limited amount of money, you will be tempted to eat this food during all days of your travel.

There are a few solutions. You can bring healthy food with yourself if it wouldn’t be spoiled during your trip. You can also visit cafes and restaurants not in the center of the city but in more distant districts – their prices are lower but the quality can be much higher. If you have an app with the list of restaurants in the city, just sort them by price. You will see which of them are the cheapest.

Cheap Accommodation

If you live not in a standard hotel room but in a hostel with other tourists, you save much money. It may cause troubles with your luggage because it gets more unprotected from thieves, but if you don’t bring any expensive things with you, it would be an appropriate way to live in another city.

You can also focus on the offers in distant areas of the city because they are usually cheaper. It may take more time to go from your hostel to the city center but it also saves you money that you can spend on food or tickets.

You can also think about Couchsurfing as a cheap way to stay in the city. By using the special website, you find the people who are ready to settle you in their place for some time, and you don’t have to pay for it. However, if some other tourist would like to stay in your home city, you would need to settle them too.

Promotions and Discounts

You should monitor websites of the ticket sellers regularly. They may offer limited discounts, reducing their prices much and offering to buy expensive tickets for a cheap price. If you get such an offer, you should hurry to buy tickets on time.

You should also look for tickets at different websites, because their prices may very much, Google gives you their own system of monitoring flights and their prices, which works very fast.

Student Cards

Many countries offer special travel and student cards, if you order or buy them, you can get a lot of discounts in places to want to visit. To do it, you should look for the information about which types of cards are accepted there and how to get them.

You should spend many days on planning your trip. It would help you find the cheapest accommodation and food, the most interesting places, and the most convenient route of travel. With the help of the Internet, you have access to all this information.

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