Interview Questions You Can Refuse to Answer

This information is personal: which of undesirable interview questions you may reject.

“Why did you leave your last workplace?”, “What kind of relationship did you have with your manager?”, “How do you see yourself in five years?” – Even these typical interview questions make us feel confused. But how to be, if the recruiter, who you meet for the first time in your life, suddenly takes an interest in something too personal? In this article, we will discuss which awkward question you may dismiss during the job interview.

You may not even suspect, but some aspects of the job conversation can be discriminatory. According to experienced essay writers, about 40% of HR managers prefer not to hire young girls because women can potentially go on maternity leave. In order not to become a victim of an overly curious staff manager, keep in mind: these nine questions you may leave without an answer.

1. Are you married?
Employers can not without your permission ask you about your marital status. Although they may inquire about how much time you are ready to devote to work, or about your life priorities, they should not ask if you have a spouse or are you single.

2. Do you have children? If not, then do you intend to have?
Hirers also touch upon a topic to understand how willing you are to work. Employers can use the existence of children as a deciding factor in making decisions about hiring a candidate.

3. How old are you?
Age discrimination is one of the leading problems faced by applicants. Recruiters should not ask about your age or date of birth. You are justified in refusing to discuss this during an interview.

4. What kind of religion do you belong to, and what religious holidays do you celebrate?
Employers can ask what religion you profess, to learn more about your hobbies and activities apart from work. However, they are not legally entitled to ask directly about your faith, although they may be interested in willingness to work on Sundays or certain religious holidays.

5. Do you have big loans?
The employer should not be interested in your credit history. This issue is not related to your productivity in the workplace. Even if the employer wants to check your credit history, he must ask for your permission for such a personal question.

6. Have you ever been arrested?
Employers are not entitled to ask if you have ever been to the police station, but they can go into the matter if you were accused of committing a crime.

7. What country were you born?
It is deemed to be incorrect to ask an applicant about the country of his origin. This can be regarded as an excuse for racial discrimination.

8. Do you drink alcohol?
The question about to what extent you are a fan of a drink is also considered like indecorous.

9. Do you live close to the office?
Employers can also ask how far you live from the workplace and how long it takes your daily route. This issue is also undesirable, as it creates an excuse for discrimination. The only thing an employer may inquire about your ability to move to a specific location.

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