Satire essay topics

You can use satire for many reasons – from making the fun to show someone’s weakness. But when you need to write a good satire essay, you should remember these points:

  1. The tone of writing should be mostly positive.
  2. The satire topics should be about a theme, which is familiar to everyone.
  3. The topic should make everyone laugh.

We have prepared for you the satire ideas in the eight different categories, which you can find something you are interested in. Or you can always order an essay from one of the best essay writing service providers. Here are a few topic ideas for each category:


  1. Reasons why all sports matches where usually lots of fights should become closed events.
  2. Why is woman a better runner than a man?
  3. What happened to the person who used steroids during the match?
  4. Why should we consider paying to the college athletes?
  5. Ways of confronting the diets which promise you (especially for school and college students) that you will reduce 10kg in the one week?
  6. Ways how your sports skills can be improved by playing the video games with VR?
  7. Why should athletes stop using the jerseys when they are on the professional level?
  8. How will the football be changed, if people legalize steroids?
  9. Ideas that will make everyone who is violent does not attend any sports events.
  10. Why could not we say that the soccer is the most popular sport?

Morality, religion and social issues

  1. How to become a great liar and never be punished for your lie?
  2. What should we expect from those people who are addicted to the religion?
  3. How to use a habit of pray every day? How can it help you to become more relaxed and stop having the anxiety?
  4. What will happen to the world if the science proves that the God exists?
  5. How the amount of money which spend by man/woman influence on the success of the marriage?
  6. What do you think impact the most on both Christians and Muslims during the War in the Middle East?
  7. How should people react on the awful plastic surgery? Should they say about it to the person with such or always ignore because it is the choice of this person?
  8. How to not ignore strangers when you are the introvert?
  9. What’s happening in the world if it is the tendency of lots of teen moms?
  10. Do you get out of your comfort zone when you are the homeless for a week?

Love, friends, and family

  1. How can you tell your partner that he/she should start exercising, the healthy diet and finally become skinner?
  2. What should be your reaction when you find your wife/husband with your friend in the own house? Scream and shout, or be calm and asked these people to leave the place?
  3. The guide on how to have fun and be happy with the family meals with the aggressive and hard to understand relatives.
  4. How are lives changing when people find the love of their life and start to spend all the time with this person?
  5. What do you think about the love on the long-distance: is it possible to save it for many years or you deceive yourself and it is the affection.
  6. Which benefits can children get when their parents are divorced? Come up with the story about spending time between two homes.
  7. What to do if you love your partner but there are lots of arguments, and you become stressed with it?
  8. Ten reasons to find the best friend at the university and never be alone from that moment.
  9. What if the stranger you have ignored this morning was the love of your life?
  10. How to overcome the period when it comes to your child who does not want to tell you every secret and tries to have the separate life?

College life

  1. Describe your least favorite thing about your school with the imagination that it is the best one.
  2. Why should you not panic when you were dropped out of the university and think about the possibilities you have now?
  3. What happens to the students on the high school proms and how it influences the thought of getting these proms abolished at all?
  4. How to explain to the professor that you can do only half of all his tasks as you work to pay for the college?
  5. How can the social media change your life during the college life and help you to earn a lot of money?
  6. Why even when it is the 21 century, there are some of the failing schools where students still get punished?
  7. Guidelines on how to pass your exam successfully while you were preparing for it for only one hour.
  8. What are the other ways to spend your teenage years expect of being the lazy people and college students?
  9. How can the pet replace your school best friend and help with any stress situation?
  10. What is the way of changing the school by replacing all professors with the artificial intelligence and robots?

Finance, work, business

  1. How to make your teenage children save money and be financially successful?
  2. What if the book’s predictions become a reality and all workers will be replaced with the robots? What will we do then: pay more attention to the creativity and hobbies or will sit at homes and do nothing?
  3. How to create a working routine when you work a little and achieve a lot?
  4. How to be late for the interview and still impress the interviewer and get the job of your dreams?
  5. What are the ways to criticise the boss and still have a job and even get the promotion?
  6. It is important to know that when you forbid someone to do something, this person wants to do it even more. That’s why what if to create the rule that everyone can use the phone on work for as long as he/she needs it?
  7. What to do when your boss find that you are procrastinating?
  8. How can the businessman influence the people with whom he works to be successful and work at full strength?
  9. What if the companies do not save your private information and sell it to others?
  10. How will the world change if everybody will get the same amount of money no matter what they do?

Art and movies

  1. How can the listening to music make you the relaxed person, who is always in a good mood?
  2. What is the modern art and how to add to it the classic elements?
  3. How the Hollywood best actors influence the world of fans?
  4. When all Marvel heroes will die, do the script writers create the new ones or they will close it at all?
  5. Why cannot I draw the portraits like others even if I draw them every single day?
  6. How the television replace you as the parent and teach your child everything he/she needs to know?
  7. Write the movie review, but choose the movie you have never watched before.
  8. Who has said that hard rock music negatively affects you?
  9. Should every family attend the museum once a week?
  10. How has the theatre changed through the years and why are there a majority of incomprehensible plays?

Governance and politics

  1. How can my family and I be safe if the government does not approve the gun control act?
  2. What are the negative aspects of the media freedom? There is the thought that the media allows itself more than necessary.
  3. How can we influence the terrorism when there are lots of people who are ready to die in the name of someone?
  4. Why should you vote and never skip the elective process?
  5. The world migration process is at the high level now. Should the countries be closed for the immigrants or is it okay to accept everyone and strengthen the economics by creating the workplaces for these people?
  6. What are the reasons in our belief to politicians after all these years of mostly lie and unfulfilled promises?
  7. Why do you think that the communism is the direct opposite of capitalism?
  8. What if the freedom of speech is not good practice for people, especially if they use it for bullying and criticise others?
  9. What will happen to the world if each country has the huge border walls?
  10. How do the current presidents of countries influence the world balance between peace and wartime?


  1. Will out planet become cleaner, if we will find the way how to fission the plastic?
  2. Is it possible to create the water supply system in the desert or it is not needed there?
  3. How will the life on the Earth change if it is no more Ozone Layer? Will it become funnier or people will die fastly?
  4. Why should we stop believing that the Global Warming exists if the temperature is not more than 40 degrees?
  5. How does brushing the teeth connected to the global warming? If it is, then why need you to stop the brushing not to have the impact on the warming.
  6. What the impact of the music festivals on the life of the birds and insects? Do they fly away or left and have the problems with too loud sounds?
  7. Why does the government pay more attention to the expanding the housing projects than to the environmental politics?
  8. What if the scientists are wrong and there is no soil erosion and landslides?
  9. Why should you stop using the polythene bags now or how not to live in the trash can in 30 years from now?
  10. What will the world do when all trees in the forests will be cut, and there will be no more possibilities to produce the paper?

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