Save Money on Graduation Expenses

Do you think about graduation? A gap year is coming over, and you still do not know how to save money in reality for your graduation? Really, it can be quite expensive. Between planning your trip to college, parties, gifts, the cap and gown (to buy or to rent), writing an essay (to hire essay writer or not to hire?) graduation spendings can break your budget.

Today we’ve gathered for you a few tips to help you save (no matter you are a school pupil or a student). Are you planning graduation for yourself or for your loved ones? These pieces of advice can be applied to anyone.

Choose your cap and gown as soon as you can
Do you have this option? Then we strongly recommend you to buy your cap and gown in advance, in 2-5 months before graduation. The best recommendation here is the earlier, the better. Usually, students (especially girls) wait until the last minute. First, it will cost you a double price. Second, you won’t find a cap and gown of your dream since all the ones would be selected before you. If you are going to rent your cap and gown, do not forget to return it in time if you don’t want any additional fees to be applied. The last but not the least advice — try to wear your cap and gown neatly — you also won’t be changed by a dry cleaning service.

Visit local shops for announcements.
Printed invitations and announcements cost a fortune if you are going to make your design and print out. There are some websites which will offer different discounts or coupons for students. Plus, do not forget supermarkets and visit local shops to find invitations. You do not buy your textbooks at the college, do not you? Thus don’t do it with invitations. Colleges and hot spots for students offer change more because their rental fees are higher than big malls, same with websites, online shops, and Amazon. Check Minted, Pear Tree and other websites for thousands of unique designs.

Save on thank you cards
Dollar stores and stationery shops are great places to buy thank you cards or candy boxes. Plus, you can buy some paper to handmade your thank your cards if you are into DIY. Plus such malls as Marshalls, Homegoods or others provide pretty low prices for stationery, paper, and different thank you cards. You can also check Chinese stationery shops, you will need to wait up to 4 weeks to get what you need (because of long-term shipping), but the price worth waiting.

Think about the ring
A class ring! One of the best symbols of student’s life. But stop for a minute and ask yourself — are you going to wear it once the graduation is over? Graduates are nostalgic about leaving college, but new life, a new job will replace it in a few months or so. If you think it’s your dive necessity — go ahead and acquire it.

Writing an Essay
Writing your essay can take days or even month. Of course, you can do it yourself, but to hire essay writer will be a right decision. It will provide a professional essay with comments, and you will save time for choosing cards, caps, gowns and other preparations.

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