The concept of reflective essay

In the academic field, the reflective essay is very popular. As a student you encountered this kind. It helps to hone your skills in writing. This type is quite complicated and you may have some questions in the process of creating it. This article can help you with this.

The importance of writing a reflective essay

Writing this kind of work help not only to gain skills in the composition but also to take experience in your real life. This refers to the ability to analyze what is happening around and self-analysis. For example, you have a cognitive dissonance and you should think about it, understand the reasons. This will help you to avoid negative consequences in the future.

The structure of the reflective essay

In this regard, the essay does not differ from any other and consists of 3 parts that are familiar to us: introduction, main part and conclusions. Introduction should capture the reader’s interest and get him to read it until the end. Here you must ask some actual question or thesis. It is desirable that this topic is controversial, which will cause additional interest and will involve the reader in the dispute. The next stage of the narrative will be the compilation of the main part, in which you must specify your key arguments. It is important that this part is well structured and the reader is not lost in your reasoning. Paragraphs should be logically linked and complement each other. In the conclusions you must summarize everything that was said above. In this section, you must answer the main question of the narrative, bringing it to its logical conclusion. At this point, you indicate that the discussion is closed and the topic is exhausted.


Graphic support is not an empty phrase in this regard and it is quite important. Thanks to this you will not allow the reader to get lost in the text array. Also, you plan correctly everything you want to convey. It should create the impression of a common picture, which consists of logical elements that do not go beyond. This organizer will help not to waste time in the shuffle to fix possible errors.

Some practical observations:

  1. Do not try to insert too many events in the essay. Choose one and go into the discussion on this issue. Perhaps it will be something that has had an immeasurable impact on your life and has caught you. Thanks to this, you put a maximum of emotions and efforts.
  2. Do not overdo it with exaggeration in your essay. Do not indulge in invented facts, because you are not fiction. Promising the reader one thing, do not turn the work into a fairy tale. Be honest and express it as it is, adhering to a given style.
  3. Put maximum individuality in your article. It is necessary that it was unique and different from the masses of others. Avoid contradictions that can spoil the impression of your work.
  4. Do not be afraid to order such work from specialists. There are many nuances in which you may not as strong as would be required and you will need professional help. This will help make the essay more attractive and get an excellent rating.

You should prepare well before you start writing such essays. You have to be an expert not only in the sphere of what is being discussed, but also certain features of the reflective essay.

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