Write Your First CV: Tips

If you’re going to write your initial CV, this ultimate guide will help you. We will reveal a few tips for novices who are aware of nothing on resumes writing. Do not hesitate to take a pen, a piece of paper and write down all pieces of advice to write a decent CV for your university life. Read all tips step by step and do not make up writing your resume — a good curriculum vitae may take up to 5-7 days.

Define the goal

It does not matter you’re going to write a university essay, a curriculum vitae or your personal statement, the major thing is to know your goal. The goal of curriculum vitae for student life is to describe your previous experience and professional skills in order to be enrolled in the university. Thus, if you strive to be enrolled to the faculty of math, describe why you have chosen this subject, what place it stands in your life and, plus, show some experience why you’re going to go along with this subject in the future.

Now let’s talk about two ‘do not include in your curriculum vitae’

  • Do not include a photo. Yes, this is a frequent mistake many students have once they are getting ready to write a CV or resume. Keep in mind for once and forever — photo in your CV is a mistake. Just do not include your photo in your curriculum vitae.
  • Do not include your date of birth. There are students in the world who are in their 20s and there are students in their 50s. It does not matter how old you are to be enrolled in the university. Just do not mention your age in your CV.
  • Use numbers, bullets, and visual arts. Do you like books with visual arts? We’re just sure you do since it helps to percent any information just like that. Do not hesitate to use bullets, numbers, and dots in order to get the structure for your curriculum vitae. It will surely make your CV special and it will stand out in comparison with others.
  • Be creative. To pimp your standard CV, do not hesitate to be creative. You’re not applying for Google company, are not you? Applying for university enrollment is easier and here you have some place to be creative. Narrate on some interesting stories, set examples from your past and do not hesitate to humor. If you have hesitations about your style, give your CV to your present professor or mentor, other option — you can give it to your friends you trust.
  • Speak about your personality. CV is all about your personality. It does not matter you have to narrate exclusively on your professional skills. If you were active in school sports — mention about it, if you won some competitions in high school — do not hesitate to speak about it. In others words, curriculum vitae is not that kind of paper where you have to be shy or embarrassed to mention your awards in the past.
  • 2 pages of A4 is enough. Believe us, nobody wants to read 10-pages CV, even if you are a genius. Keep up within 2 pages of A4 — it will be more than enough to show your skills, your professional path, and your personal motives to choose the concrete subject and university.
  • The good news is that there is no required format. You can use tables, lines, visual arts as said previously any other tools. We recommend to keep up to the structure of regular CV since sometimes too much creativity may go to craziness.
  • Keep in mind that working on your paper you should be full of energy — that’s why we want you to write your paper during the day at the table, not during long nights in your bed under the blanket.

Proofread your curriculum vitae once you’re done. We recommend to print out your curriculum vitae and read it from A to Z, because when you spend 5+ hours writing your curriculum vitae, your eyes will sore from the monitor. Once you have printed out your CV, read it and highlight all lines you have doubts. Plus, we recommend using Grammarly in order to check all mistypes, grammar, spelling or other kinds of mistakes. We strongly recommend not to miss this advice since any mistakes will show you as an irresponsible and inattentive candidate.

We’re hoping that these easy tips will help you to write a good curriculum vitae that will be your ticket to enter any desired university and successfully graduate from it. Good luck. Go through these tips once more if you missed something.

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