You are a student with job: how to have more free time

Majority of students have a lot of studies and a job, and they all dream of a little free time. They want to do a little but have successful results. I can offer you a list of techniques helping you to get the best results and enhancing the efficiency of your studying without making strong efforts. Study tips, that I want to offer you, can be used for different classes. There are a lot of techniques used for increasing the work efficiency, but I want to emphasize one of them named the skyrocket. This is a blocking technique that can help you not only to achieve more efficiency in the studying process but also in everyday life.

I hope that all these tips will help you to reach all your life and studying targets.

Tips on how to enhance the productivity of your studying process:

1. Follow your natural biorhythms

Our body and brain work divide into cycles, that’s why you should use this knowledge to reach more effective results. You should follow your usual biorhythm rather than fight against it. You should follow the 50-10-50-30 rules. You should study one subject without any breaks for 50 minutes. Also, you can apply a stopwatch. If you are a happy owner of iPhones or iPods, they have built-in stopwatches apps. If you don’t have so expensive technique, you can purchase a cheaper technique for these purposes. You should avoid all the distraction and pay attention to the subject without reacting on the smartphone, laptop, and other things diverting you. You should set the timer for fifty minutes and start studying. After twenty minutes of work, you feel how you enter a flow state.

After you have worked for fifty minutes, you should take a break for 10 minutes and completely relax. In these 10 minutes, you can chat with your friends, watch funny videos or go on social media networks. After that, the next block of work is coming. You should work for 50 minutes against without disruptions. You should work on the same subject if your brain is in that state. After this block finished, you should take a break for 30 minutes. During this period of time, you could eat food, do exercises, and relax. If you haven’t done all the work in the first 50-10-50-30 period, you can do another 50-10-50-30 period. This technique is very useful and allows you to enhance the efficiency of the work significantly.

2. P, TN, R

Another technique is called P, TN, R. This is technique allows a user to get all benefits from the studying process. How does it work? It allows learning the studying material three times before your classmates learn it. The name of this technique means preview, take notes, and review.

To get success in studying, you should preview the lecture before the class. You should run through the structure and material before they will be presented in the class. This will allow you to keep up with the lecture. If any questions appear during running through, you should write them down to ask your professor at the lecture. If you don’t agree with that you run through, also write these thesis statements. By previewing, you’ll become the most successful student in the class.

In the class, you should pay your attention to the details. If you previewed the lecture before the class, you have a basic understanding of the material. Also, you can emphasize the key moments of the lecture. You can write down the notes relating to the basis moments. If you decided to go to the class with your laptop, you shouldn’t watch funny videos with home pets or go on your social networks. You should concentrate on the lecture. A lot of students go to the lecture and getting distracted or even falling asleep. If you pay attention to the details and write down all the keynotes, this will allow you to become a leader.

And the last stage of the studying process is reviewing the lecture after the class. After the end of the class, you should look over your notes and summarize the most important thesis statements of the lecture. You should review the lecture as soon as possible because this method will help you to cement all the material from short-term memory to long-term memory. A lot of students don’t do this and review the lecture only a week.

All these actions may seem like they take a lot of time, but it isn’t. It takes only a half an hour before the class to run through the lecture. Then when you are at the class, you don’t waste any time over. And, after the lecture, you should waste only ten minutes for repeating and summarising material.

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